Advanced Dynamo Curriculum

We’ve released a series of tutorials for advanced parametric modeling with Dynamo.  This builds off of introductory lessons from Computational Design for BIM.

The course focuses on Revit element generation, parametric masses, data transfer, and scripting.  The project was also an exploration for us, as we develop methods for visual scripting in Revit which can be applied to professional practice as well as academia.


Tesla Motors: a Robotic Ballet

The scene at Tesla Motors is straight from the future—specialized robots build slick electric cars in a factory poised to revolutionize the American auto industry.
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Nike weaves a more holistic running shoe design

Nike’s new Flyknit is every athlete’s dream:  a shoe that has supreme durability and performance capabilities but feels as comfortable as a sock.  Those traits alone make it remarkable, but the manufacturing process is even more groundbreaking:   through computer-controlled weaving, the entire upper part of the shoe is knitted in a single piece that’s then attached to the sole.  This method cuts labor costs and production time while increasing profit margins and customization options. 

The environmentally sustainable, one-piece upper also reduces waste since multiple materials and material cuts are not necessary as in traditional shoemaking.
With the most labor-intensive steps removed–the assembly of multiple machine cut pieces–the impetus to target cheaper labor markets like those in Asia is reduced.  “This is a complete game-changer,” says Charlie Denson, president of the Nike brand.  “The process cuts costs so much “that eventually we could make these shoes anywhere in the world.”

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AA Visiting School NY Embedded Intelligence

10 days of exploration, collaboration, and hard work culminated in an impressive final exhibition and party.
Thanks to our esteemed instructors, participants, and sponsors!

Embedded Intelligence examined the possibility for biological models to influence and enhance architectural systems. Workshop participants from 11 countries and 19 cities (and over 86,000 miles traveled!) designed, prototyped, and fabricated an array of architectural installations. Access to advanced manufacturing equipment such as a 3-axis CNC router, large-format laser cutters, and 3D Printers enabled the development of full-scale prototyping.

Big thanks to Machinemade for all of the hard work!

Participants developed an understanding of the inherent properties of various natural materials and explored ways to exploit these in the design of material systems, thereby optimizing performance.

Supported by design seminars and evening lectures, the curriculum instruction was spearheaded by a team of industry thought leaders and expert consultants. Computational tools including GrasshopperKangarooVasari,  and Flow Design were also used. 

For more information about Embedded Intelligence and photos of participant work, check out the AA Visiting School New York website.

Forthcoming dates for this visiting school to be announced soon!

Facades+ Dallas

Facades+ is a robust dialogue encompassing all things building skin, bridging industry, academia, the profession, operations, and ownership. The developing technology of high-performance facades has emerged as the key to building systems integration, central to the realization of resilient buildings and a sustainable built environment. We invite you to join the exciting conversation that is Facades+.