Quirky’s Dynamic Approach to Invention

Quirky founder Ben Kaufman is reinventing invention: at noon every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he and his team bring a new product to market.  A collaborative up-voting process takes place to determine which products will be manufactured and then product designers and industrial engineers go to work, while the quirky community pitches in with branding feedback. 

This entire process is entirely transparent, with clear timelines of each production phase, design options, and how much money each of the inventors has made readily available to all community members.  The choice for this model was an easy one for Kaufman: “Think about what I’m asking people to do with my company — I am asking them to take the thing that is most important to them and put it on the Internet for everyone to tell them that it’s shit. Why are they doing that? Because they trust me. So I go to great lengths, whether it’s livestreaming every public meeting we have, or showing how much sales we’re doing per day, or what we’re working on at any given time to make sure I maintain that trust.”

Through radical transparency, Ben Kaufman redefines agency in the age of making.

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