Nike weaves a more holistic running shoe design

Nike’s new Flyknit is every athlete’s dream:  a shoe that has supreme durability and performance capabilities but feels as comfortable as a sock.  Those traits alone make it remarkable, but the manufacturing process is even more groundbreaking:   through computer-controlled weaving, the entire upper part of the shoe is knitted in a single piece that’s then attached to the sole.  This method cuts labor costs and production time while increasing profit margins and customization options. 

The environmentally sustainable, one-piece upper also reduces waste since multiple materials and material cuts are not necessary as in traditional shoemaking.
With the most labor-intensive steps removed–the assembly of multiple machine cut pieces–the impetus to target cheaper labor markets like those in Asia is reduced.  “This is a complete game-changer,” says Charlie Denson, president of the Nike brand.  “The process cuts costs so much “that eventually we could make these shoes anywhere in the world.”

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