Technology Platforms

  • HP Sprout expands to include full 3D scanning capabilities
  • Data-driven quadrangulation plug-in inspired by quad flow patterns in real-world models

New Ways of Working

New Ways of Making

  • Tactum Augmented Modeling tool allows for design of 3D wearables directly on the body
  • Nobumichi Asai hacks faces with real-time tracking and 3D mapping
  • Watch a 3D-printed spacecraft thruster pass its first hot fire test

Future Vision

Weight is the enemy of almost all things enjoyable about motoring: acceleration, braking, efficiency, handling and brain-crushing cornering G-forces. This textile-skinned solution means that you don’t need to endure the spartan hardships of an Ariel Atom to get motorcycle-like performance or economy on four wheels.
                                                                                               The EDAG Light Cocoon Concept



The Grasshopper Primer – Now available offline!

Read the Grasshopper Primer on your mobile device. The Grasshopper Primer introduces you to the fundamental concepts and essential skill-building workflows to effectively use Grasshopper, a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3D modeling tools.

The Dynamo Primer
A comprehensive guide to visual programming in Autodesk Dynamo Studio. This primer is an on-going project to share the fundamentals of programming.

Topics covered include: working with computational geometry, best practices for rules-based design, cross-disciplinary programming applications, and more with the Dynamo Platform.

Primer for Dynamo, a generative design tool for product, automotive, architecture, engineering, and manufacturing


A mesh geometry plugin for Grasshopper, enabling mesh creation, analysis, transformation, subdivision, and smoothing. Element* provides access to mesh topology data using the Plankton half-edge data structure for polygon meshes.

Download the free plug-in.


Embedded Intelligence 2015

The schedule has been announced! Join us July 6-17 for a unique educational experience devoted to exploring the intersection of natural systems and advanced manufacturing.

The registration deadline is approaching–visit the AAVS website to apply!