Getting Started with Meshes

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The Grasshopper Primer Project

Are you interested in contributing to the Grasshopper Primer?
The Grasshopper Primer is now an open source project. We’ve established a github repository so that you can suggest edits, add new content, or translate the primer into the language of your choice.
Find the project repository here, or take a look at the wiki to learn more about how you can contribute.

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Grasshopper Primer V3.1 Mobile + Ebook

The Grasshopper Primer is now available for offline reading on your mobile device or ebook reader. The available formats are PDF, EPUB and MOBI, and can be downloaded at

This primer, titled Foundations, introduces you to the fundamental concepts and essential skill-building workflows to effectively use Grasshopper. This first volume tracks through an introduction to the Grasshopper user interface, the anatomy of a Grasshopper definition, and three chapters dealing with parametric concepts and case study examples. An appendix closes out this volume, providing you with resources for continued exploration.

The Grasshopper Primer is an ongoing project, and will continue to be expanded with more chapters covering more advanced topics, so remember to check back soon!