Automattic’s Secret Sauce

What defines your work day?

For Matt Mullenweg, there are no formal meetings, rarely any email communication, and team members only see each other once or twice a year at most. So how does the creator of WordPress, founder of Automattic, and chairman of The WordPress Foundation keep his finger on the pulse of 450 terabytes of data pushed daily around the globe? Matt replaced email, phone calls, and meetings with one simple thing – blog posts.

Automattic’s secret sauce is a WordPress theme called P2 that every employee publishes to all day. Every project, question, idea, complaint, and conversation gets its own P2, and is completely open for anyone who wants to participate to join in. Each P2 post gets its own URL, which can be referenced in other posts. There are no private P2s and P2s do not degrade over time, as is the case with ongoing email threads. Automattic also tracks team member’s actual work (support tickets closed, code written and deleted, etc.) and puts it on a public scoreboard, so everyone knows what, and how, everyone else is getting work done. Instead of being good at delegating tasks, managers just need to become better at reading.

As a communication medium, P2s empower the group rather than the sender.

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