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Automattic’s Secret Sauce

What defines your work day? For Matt Mullenweg, there are no formal meetings, rarely any email communication, and team members only see each other once or twice a year at most. So how does the creator of WordPress, founder of Automattic, and chairman of The WordPress Foundation keep his finger on the pulse of 450 terabytes of […]

Autodesk’s Collaboration Lab at Pier 9

Autodesk may be known primarily for its software, but the Pier 9 Workshop on the San Francisco waterfront is radicalizing collaboration through an artist in residency program supported by next-gen manufacturing. With every imaginable type of equipment–from 3D printers to CNC machines and laser cutters to more traditional woodworking gear–the goal was to create a […]

Quirky’s Dynamic Approach to Invention

Quirky founder Ben Kaufman is reinventing invention: at noon every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he and his team bring a new product to market.  A collaborative up-voting process takes place to determine which products will be manufactured and then product designers and industrial engineers go to work, while the quirky community pitches in with branding […]

Nike weaves a more holistic running shoe design

Nike’s new Flyknit is every athlete’s dream:  a shoe that has supreme durability and performance capabilities but feels as comfortable as a sock.  Those traits alone make it remarkable, but the manufacturing process is even more groundbreaking:   through computer-controlled weaving, the entire upper part of the shoe is knitted in a single piece that’s […]