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Morphing Families with Dynamo for Revit

We recently put together a Dynamo dataset to test out some of its newer functionality. For this project (inspired by UNStudio’s Bologna Masterplan & Train Station), we were working with a structural system spanning from a level floor to an undulating roof, and we looked for ways to keep this system as one element in […]

Revit Treemap

As a follow-up to a recent post on Revit Selection, we’re taking a look at simpler, more user-friendly ways to navigate the Revit hierarchy. The zoomable treemap above is referencing a representative file of the full Revit hierarchy (all elements with a category in this case). The first screen shows all of the categories in […]

Dynamo Review – Selections

This year, we’ve taken an in-depth look at Dynamo, the visual programming environment for Revit.  There’s a lot of potential here for widespread use in the AEC industries, and recent releases provide some exciting new features (check out our introductory and advanced courses). The program’s developers are rethinking how one interacts with Revit, and this is awesome. So […]

Advanced Dynamo Curriculum

We’ve released a series of tutorials for advanced parametric modeling with Dynamo.  This builds off of introductory lessons from Computational Design for BIM. The course focuses on Revit element generation, parametric masses, data transfer, and scripting.  The project was also an exploration for us, as we develop methods for visual scripting in Revit which can be applied to professional practice […]