Embedded Intelligence – Week 1
AA Visiting School New York 2015

The AA Visiting School in New York 2015 kicked off last week to an exciting and busy start.

A combination of technology workshops on software tools like Grasshopper and T-Splines, lectures and seminars by Darrick Borowski and Sean Ahlquist, and intensive design sessions with hands-on making and presenting have produced some amazing work by participants in the first week.

We are excited and full of anticipation for what the participants will produce during the second week as they synthesize the instruction and explorations of the first week in order to design and prototype mock-ups for a composite structure on New York City’s East river.

Event Highlights

July 9 – Sean Ahlquist

Sean Ahlquist is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. He is a part of the Cluster in Computational Media and Interactive Systems which connects Architecture with the fields of Material Science, Computer Science, Art & Design and Music. Ahlquist teaches courses at all levels, including on-going involvement with the Master of Science in Material Systems program. Research and course topics are centered on material computation, developing articulated material structures and modes of design which enable the study of their material and spatial behaviors. Ahlquist’s research formulates computational design frameworks where materiality functions as an a priori agent in the organization of architectural systems and their spatial tectonics. In particular, the research explores and develops new technologies in highly articulated textile and composite materials.

July 10 – Darrick Borowski

Darrick is a designer, researcher, educator and an expat of the midwest, living in Brooklyn. He is the Design Principal at NY based architecture firm AREA and co-founder of Edible Infrastructures, a research collaborative employing algorithmic design tools to speculate on new generative mechanisms for the design of future cities.

He has over 17 years experience working on architecture, design and branding projects worldwide from offices in New York, London, Seattle and Chicago. As Creative Director at JPDA he led projects for well known brands including Apple, American Apparel, Harley Davidson and O2. Each project is seen as an opportunity for research through design and visa-versa, with an interest in materiality, new modes of production, and our relationship with image, object, space and their effects.